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Cylinder - Catalina Cylinder, Luxfer, Emergency & Miscellaneous



With manufacturing facilities located in California and Virginia, Catalina Cylinders has positioned itself

to continually support and supply the growth of today’s world markets.

Our Vision

To be the highest value cylinder manufacturer in the world. Valued for our people, products and performance.

Our Mission

To be the preferred supplier for our customers by delivering world class products, first class service, outstanding value and continuous innovations.

Our Quality Policy

Catalina Cylinders is committed to supplying products and services which meet all statutory, regulatory and customer requirements for quality and delivery. We further commit to involve our employees and allocate resources to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management systems in the pursuit of error free performance.

Catalina Scuba.jpg

Catalina Scuba Cylinders

Quality you can rely on. Catalina has been manufacturing aluminum SCUBA cylinders for over 30 years, and today is a leading supplier in the global SCUBA cylinder market.

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilitates located on the East and West coasts of USA

  • All SCUBA cylinders are produced from high quality North American sourced raw materials...


We are the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure aluminum and composite gas cylinders for a wide and growing variety of applications - such as life support, alternative fuel, medical, industrial, beverage, fire extinguishers, aerospace, inflation, scuba and performance racing.

We operate facilities in the United States, the UK, France, Canada, China and India. And with more than 50 million Luxfer cylinders in service we pride ourselves on an exemplary record for dependable service and safety.


Luxfer Gas Cylinder

Luxfer Gas Cylinders offers a broad range of high-pressure aluminum scuba cylinders, as well as the world’s only hoop-wrapped composite scuba cylinders.

More than 50 years ago, Luxfer developed the world’s first aluminum scuba cylinder in collaboration with the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau, inventor of the original Aqua Lung®* equipment that revolutionized underwater diving...

Luxfer UK 31L Aluminium 200 Bar

Medical Oxygen Cylinder

We supply medical oxygen cylinders such as the Luxfer UK 31L Aluminium 200 Bar 




Oxygen Cylinder Tanks

Oxygen Cylinder Tanks




Divers Emergency Oxygen System

Divers Emergency Oxygen System




Logo labels

Logo labels



XPLORA Cylinder Tank Valve

XPLORA DIN International Tank Valve

Comes in Glossy Chrome & Matte Black Finishing. Each & every tank valve is with a serial number.



Twin Tank Isolation Manifold


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