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Thank you for your servicing package enquiry.

Our Service Centre are with Factory Certified Technicians for over 15 labels and brands. 


Regulator Servicing

The regulator servicing package comprises of total strip down, chemical wash, flush and dry, polishing and inspection followed by reassembly with original spare part Kits from manufacturer, calibration with final tuning and over night pressure run. This process takes about 3-5 working days depending on our load. Cost is S$75-95 for labour plus about S$100-165 for parts depending on brand and how many kits needed. In extreme ware and jammed regulator cases, extra charges for labour applies for the extended hours spent.


BCD Servicing

BCD servicing is S$30-65 for standard servicing with standard seal change included. Internal flush with pressure test and OP valve cleaning included before an overnight pressure run. If kits are required for the BCD then price is not included in this advise yet. In all prepare to spend S$200-300 for a full set of BCD and a regulator inclusive of all the original Service kits.


Dive Computers Servicing

Dive computers usually just need a battery change although we do pretty much every type of repairs mainly for Suunto computers as a level 2 service centre based here. We also offer battery change service for all other computer brand. S$75-95 Service package (depending on make n model) gets you the battery and seal changed with the circuits tested and depth sensor calibration checked for error margin. A current consumption test will also show the health of the electrical board. Old models tend to have a higher current consumption resulting in a battery change required more often. The strap is put through a stress test to ensure durability still  and some light cleaning is done with finally, a pressure test to 30m as standard procedure before returning the unit to you for your next dive safely. For those in a bit of a rush, depending on Technicians being available, an express fee of S$10 gets you a 20-30 mins service while you have a coffee next door. Please note that not all models can be done for express service. Just a note that if the watch has other problems and need more and other repairs which you choose note to proceed with or is beyond repair, the labour charge of S$35 will still be applicable as our technician would have spent many hours on it by then.

Please call us for an appointment to drop off your gear set to our service centre located at the CBD area:


20 Upper Circular Road
The Riverwalk
Singapore 058416

Contact Number:

(+65) 6557 0016 

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thur: 11am-7.30pm
Fri : 11am-6.30pm
Sat : 12-5.30pm
Sunday: Closed (out diving)

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