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Booster - MPS ASIA




MPS products are designed for professional use, for military, technical diving and for the industrial sector.

The users of MPS products must be trained and certified on the use of equipment dedicated to oxygen.

The Boosters are pneumatic pressure intensifier for Oxygen and other pure gases. Allow to withdraw low pressure gas and bring it to the desired pressure for filling pressure containers (for example diving or industrial cylinders)

There are different versions:

Booster Naked, Booster case (portable suitcase) or Booster frame for stationary installations such as filling stations or diving centers.

MPS Boosters are characterized to be very strong, high performance, security, simplicity and affordability of maintenance.

C1 Light.JPG

C1 Light
Versions: 230 Bar, 310 Bar


Versions: 230 Bar, 310 Bar

C2 Sport Line.JPG

Versions: 230 Bar, 310 Bar

C2X Sport Line.JPG

Versions: 230 Bar, 310 Bar

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