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Sherwood Amphos 2.0 Dive Computer


  • 2-Gas Nitrox Compatible Computer

  • Time, Dive, Gauge and Free Dive Modes

  • Modified Haldanean / DSAT Algorithm

  • Button or Water Activation

  • Standard Watch Functions



Sherwood Amphos 2.0 Wrist Computer:

  • Newest Addition to a Strong Lineup of Dive Computers

  • Sherwood's True Watch Computer

  • Based on Intuitive Wisdom3 Format

  • 2-Gas Nitrox Compatible Computer: Mixtures of 21-50% and 50-100%

  • 4-Dive Operating Modes: Time, Dive, Gauge and Free Dive

  • Algorithm: Modified Haldanean / DSAT (Diving Science and Technology) Database

  • Intuitive Operation & Display, w/Large Easy to Read Numbers

  • Clean Matter-of-Fact Screen

  • User Selectable Imperial or Metric Measurements

  • 12 or-24 Hour Time Format

  • Button or Water Activated Computer Design

  • Common CR2430 Consumer Replaceable Battery

  • Hot Swap Feature: Maintains Settings/Data During Battery Swap

  • Watch Function:
    Local Time and Destination Time
    Great Travel Companion
    Altitude Information
    Temperature and Date
    Countdown Timer½

  • Chronograph
    Daily Alarm Functions

  • 2 Bar Graphs:
    One for Nitrogen Loading or Oxygen Accumulation
    One for Accent Rate Indicator

  • Current and Deepest Depths

  • No Decompression, Deep and Safety Stop Information

  • Required Stop Depths

  • Temperature and Altitude

  • Logbook: 24 Dives (3 screens each)

  • Selectable Audible Alarms with Flashing Icons

  • History Mode:
    Total Dives
    Maximum Depth
    Total Dive Hours
    Lowest Temperature

  • USB Cable: Download Dive Log to PC or Mac

  • 7 User-Changeable Alarms

  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment - to 14,000' (4267.2 meters)

  • Maximum Depth - 330' (100 meters)

  • Deco Stops to 60' (18.3 meters)

  • Backlight for Night or Low Light Conditions

  • Conservative Setting for Personal Health or Added Safety

  • 4-Button System to Access All Functions

  • Durable Rubber Wrist Strap

  • Owner's Manual and Battery Hatch Key

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