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Suunto Tandem/360PC/360R G Clino/Compass

Suunto Tandem/360PC/360R G Clino/Compass SS020420000

Suunto Tandem is a liquid-filled precision compass and clinometer in one compact alloy housing

The Precision Instruments For Professionals

The Suunto Tandem hand-held precision instrument is used all over the world by antenna installation technicians, surveyors, engineers, miners, architects and many others to measure bearings quickly, reliably and easily.

Product Highlights

  • Scales for inclination in degrees and %

  • Accurate measurement of directions

  • Optical reading of card for higher accuracy

  • Threads for tripod mount for stable operation









Technical Specifications

Suunto Tandem:360pc:360R G Clino:Compass
Suunto Tandem:360PC:360R G Clino:Compass
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