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M1X-CM is recommended for scuba divers with CCR, HAHO/HALO skydivers and other technical operators.


Designed with robust construction, it’s used in the professional and military sector. The double acting booster allows the use of the lever system for a longer time with less effort.

It’s suggested for extreme expedition uses where the situation makes impossible the pneumatic use and the manual lever becomes necessary.

It’s built with an innovative system that significantly reduces air

consumption during operation.


The small and light system is mounted inside a IP68 tecnopolimer trolley case, which protects the unit in all transport

and storage conditions.


M1X-CM comes “Ready to Use”. Inside the trolley there is an air pressure reducer and the hoses equipped with DIN connection and pressure gauge.


Thanks to the double coating in stainless steel and the 3-meter-long hoses, the operators can operate always in safety condition.

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